Why Not Consider Adopting A Cat Or Dog?

Why Not Consider Adopting A Cat Or Dog?

In many countries around the world, most people are known as animal lovers. Although there are stories of mistreated pets, they are in a very small minority. Luckily, the human race is caring when it comes to looking after animals that come into our lives. Most folk have their first close contact with animals when they are young. This may be a family pet dog or cat, or even a rabbit or guinea pig. A number of kindergartens also have pets, usually of the rodent kind, such as hamsters and gerbils. Although pet stores sell live animals, adopting a cat or other animal is by far the best option.

There are many animal rescue centers around the country, and whether you are looking for something small like a guinea pig, or a large creature like a horse, there will always be an animal waiting to be adopted by a loving and caring owner. The reason why animals like cats can be put up for adoption are many. For instance, an owner may own a large dog, but when they find themselves unemployed, they can no longer afford to keep it. Sometimes the previous owner of the animal may have died. For some animals, they have been rescued due to mistreatment.

When buying from a pet store, the sale is usually quick, as the business involved is selling animals for profit. This means that the dog, cats and other animals are mass bred for the pet trade. Not all breeders have the animal’s interests at heart, and nor do pet stores check if the owner is suitable for the animal. When looking to adopt a pet, the rescue center will not only go through all the details of the animal to ensure it is the right pet, but they will often do a home visit to make sure that the premises are suitable for the animal.

There is one thing about adopting a pet, and that is the owner feels like they have more responsibility for the animal. If the cat or dog, for example, has been neglected by its previous owner, then the new one will ensure that the adopted pet receives a lot of care and love. There are thousands of unwanted pets across the country looking to be adopted, and taking on the responsibility to look after one gives a person a sense of pride.

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